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Since the early 1980s, when membrane filtration first began gaining a foothold in the dairy industry, we have been working on the membrane R&D, design and sales for dairy application.

Membrane filtration is now used in an increasing number of fields, and this technology will play a crucial role in the production of new, innovative dairy products and dairy-based food ingredients in the future.


The selection of the proper membrane for the application is essential. AMFOR provides membranes ranging from the most "open" (Microfiltration) to the "tightest" (RO). Our expert engineers be able to choose the right membrane configuration to fit your specific application and meet your critical quality requirements. We add significant value in many applications.


 Benefiting From Whey

The most common application of membrane filtration in the dairy industry is the treatment of whey from cheese manufacture.

If the whey is to be transported for further processing or to be used as animal feed, it is typically concentrated 1.5 to 3 times in an RO plant. The permeate is used as process or CIP water.

If the whey is concentrated using NF, the retentate is simultaneously demineralised. In certain cases, NF can be used as a cost-effective alternative to RO.

Whey that has been concentrated using RO or NF can be processed directly into whey powder.

UF allows the concentration of whey proteins along with the simultaneous separation of minerals and lactose. A standard UF plant typically produces whey protein concentrate (WPC) with a protein content of 34 to 85%.


High Cheese Yield and Quality with UF Membrane

Feta and similar cheese types are manufactured by full concentration of the milk using UF. Culture or acid, rennet, salt and other additives are added to the retentate, and it can then be cast straight into the appropriate packaging.

Fresh cheese types based on fermented milk or cream, such as quark or cream cheese, can also be manufactured using UF. After fermentation, the product is concentrated to the desired level followed by final treatment and packaging. The UF process results in a high, uniform quality and a very high yield. At the same time it is possible to manufacture several different products on the same UF plant.

High-quality cheese with clean brine Microfiltration removes impurities and harmful microorganisms from the cheese brine swiftly and efficiently, while preserving the natural chemical balance of the brine.


The application of AMFOR's Sanitary spiral UF, NF, RO membranes in dairy industry include:

            ·concentration of whey proteins as high as 85%
            ·concentration of skim and whole milk for cheese making
            ·cheese tank salt brine recovery
            ·recycling of evaporator condensate
            ·move lactose from milk






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